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  • A great variety of Clothes for Weddings, Faires or any Medieval, Middle Ages or Renaissance event. If you are planning a Middle Ages Wedding, A Renaissance Wedding, Scottish or Celtic Wedding there are several costumes available. Getting dressed up for a
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  • Mens fashion during the Renaissance is of great interest to history buffs, fashion students, historical actors and anyone who wonders just how men dressed long ago. The fashions were much fancier than what men commonly wear today. The styles were distinct
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  • The 14th century began the start of the Renaissance, an era initiating in Florence, Italy, with the new and visionary works of Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and Filippo Brunelleschi. Renaissance -- or rebirth -- also hailed the beginning of a new era in
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  • Medieval feasts were not all bread, meat, and cheese. Fruits—and especially vegetables—were served as side dishes or were cooked with the meat. In fact, Medieval cooks didnt make the same distinction between fruits and vegetables that we do.
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  • Serious Collectors and Reenactors, we welcome you to your Authentic Replicas Home. Our museum quality reproductions range through centuries, and over continents. Thousands of quality collectibles that cover you head to toe.
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  • As usual in the world of fashion, people with an abundance of influence, control, and power tend to set the current trends and styles.  This has always been true since the dawn of time.  The only difference that back in the Olden Days the monarchs set
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  • In order to see this content you need to have both Javascript enabled and Flash installed. Visit BBC Webwise for full instructionsOn the final day of Prince Charles post-investiture tour, he visited Cefn Coed in the industrial heartland of south
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  • Memories of Caernarfon. 3.8K likes. The beautiful town of Caernarfon in Wales holds a history rich with stories that will never be forgotten. This page...Memories of Caernarfon. 3.8K likes. The beautiful town of Caernarfon in Wales holds a history rich
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